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Carnivore & Ketogenic Diet Special- Beef Side with the Fat Trim

Regular price $1,925.00 Sale

We have had numerous requests from customers on the carnivore or the Ketogenic diet- looking for beef cuts with the fat trim left on. Yes! This is something we can do for you. This is a custom cut beef side- so be prepared with our butchering schedule for a wait between 2-4 weeks. Delivery to your door is included:

For example- 275 lb side hanging weight × $7.25= $1925

You get all the standard cuts:

- Tenderloin, striploin, sirloin, skirt, flat iron, flank, rib steaks

- Round, Cross Rib, Sirloin tip, Prime Rib Roasts

- Brisket, Short ribs & Shank

- Stew & Hamburger

- Soup & Marrow Bones