Beef by the Quarter:  Hind ($9.70/lb)

Beef by the Quarter: Hind ($9.70/lb)

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 Buy in Bulk and Save! We have hind quarters available throughout the year. Currently there is about a 2 week wait have a custom quarter available for you (dry aged 14 days)- where you get to decide what cuts you will like. Please send me an email to confirm the next availability or to be added to the list.

 Each Hind is slightly different in size but for example on a 135 lb Hind you get:

Steaks- (about 25 steaks total) tenderloin, sirloin, striploin, flank, eye of round

Roasts (about 5-6 roasts)- inside & outside round, sirloin tip

Stew 9 packs

Ground- 35 packs 

Shank- 3 packs

Soup & Marrow bones - 3 bags

Bone/fat scraps (this comes in 1 approx 25lb box). Can be used to make broth or feed to your dog


Price $9.70/lb x Hanging Weight (135lbs)= $1309.50