Meet Your Farmers!

We are Matt and Lizzie L’Heureux, and we bought a ranch and herd of cows February 2016- officially starting Aurora View Farms. We were ready to make a life change for our family so that our five children can experience the joy and hard-work of growing up and living on a farm.

Our cattle are fed a diet of natural orchard grasses consisting of brome, timothy & clover that we grow exclusively ourselves. We also produce our own grass hay that we feed in the winter. Our cattle are 100% grassfed & finished which means they are NEVER given any grain or corn. They eat this natural diet 100% of the time.

One of the reasons we fell in love with the farm is that the previous owner believed in natural farming practices and healthy animal husbandry. The fields have never been treated with any chemical pesticides or herbicides. Our land and cattle are Certified Organic by the British Columbia Association of Regenerative Agriculture (BCARA). Stewardship of our land and animals is of the utmost importance and is maintained by following the Canadian Organic Standards.

We want to provide the best quality beef… from our family to yours...and yes these are all our kids :)


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