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NEW! The Mini- Side

NEW! The Mini- Side

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This package will give you most of the same cuts you would get from a side- without completely filling your freezer. Designed for those with limited freezer space. Total weight of package is 63 lbs (works out to $12/lb for all cuts)


15 lbs Lean Ground

5 lbs Stew

1 x Cross Rib Roast

1 x Eye of Round Roast

1 x Sirloin Tip Roast

1 x Brisket

4 x Rib Steaks

6 x NY Strip Steaks

4 x T Bone Steaks

4 x Sirloin Steaks 

4 x Tenderloin Steaks

4 x Blade Steaks

2 x Skirt Steaks

2 x Shanks

2 x bags Soup Bones