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Beef by the Quarter: Fore ($9.45/lb)

Beef by the Quarter: Fore ($9.45/lb)

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Buy in Bulk and Save! We have Front quarters available throughout the year. Currently there is about a 2 week wait for a custom Front quarter (aged 14 days)- where you get to decide what cuts you will like. Please send me an email to confirm the next availability or to be added to the list.

For example: 1 Front (Fore) 1/4 at 125lbs. This would include:

-9 Blade (Chuck) Steaks

- 9 Rib Steaks

- 3 bags Soup & Marrow Bones

- 9 packages of Stewing beef

- 4 packages of Short Ribs

- 3 Shank Steaks

- 2 Cross Rib Roasts

- 40 lbs of lean ground (packaged in 1 lb packs)

- 1 Prime Rib Roast

- approx 25lbs of bone/fat scraps (this comes in 1 box and can be used to make broth or feed to your dog)

Price $9.45/lb x Hanging Weight (125lbs)= $1181.25